Dear guest
Welcome to the screening of ‘Sonzai Zone’.
I’m Souvd’s right hand, one of your hosts tonight.
The screening is organized by
What You See Is What You Get.
We do not charge a fixed fee for entrance
but instead you can pay what you want.
The film will start shortly.
This concludes my duty. I’ll give it over to Yún’s.
Tonight’s film depicts an unlikely encounter between
Yún and Souvd in an age of physical isolation.
12 years from your time, screen-based
communication has lost much of its relevance,
giving way to ambient technologies.
People are in flux.
We are not who we say who we are
but rather what we radiate atmospherically.
Human presence, known as Sonzai-kan
has become one of the most central aspects in the
formation and maintenance of close relationships.
The way how we move, breathe, pay attention,
touch, and feel, is omnipresently captured and
simulated over distance as a spatial atmosphere.
The next 23 minutes will explore ramifications
of this technocultural development
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