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Video Documentation

Edition 2

May 13th, 2020 — EYE FALL
A film by Mark Prendergast

The second edition was all about Mark Prendergast’s film ‘EYE FALL’ and creating an ‘ambient viewing experience’. Whether you are watching a movie in a theater, a video in a museum, or a short clip on your phone, a certain level of attention can always be found. But what if you consider film as an ambient work like we often do with music by letting it play in the background? EYE FALL was available for a full 24 hours and clicking on the film made you skip through the scenes.

Biography of the Author

Mark Prendergast is a British artist and filmmaker. Drawing on his experience collaborating with contemporary makers such as Raf Simons to rethink, reformat and produce new visual strategies, his practice is deeply rooted in how moving images are made, with what tools, and how they function. His experiments are underpinned by a fluent understanding of the tools he uses, enabling them to produce new and subjective ways of using technology before these languages are co-opted and ossified by wider power structures.

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